Solid hand creams

Vegan and certified natural cosmetics

Nature instead of synthetics

Niyok® believes in the effect of natural ingredients

Niyok® – 100% Natural Cosmetics

The German cosmetics brand Niyok® was founded in 2018 in Berlin and is committed to creating innovations in the field of natural cosmetics. As one of the major players in natural cosmetics in Europe, Niyok® is dedicated to developing solid shampoos, hand creams, shower and face cleansing products, aluminium-free deodorants, toothpastes and toothbrushes as well as oil pullings and mouthwashes.

For a sustainable bathroom

The wide product range offered by Niyok® is a great manifestation of what Niyok® stands for, and what its mission is. Niyok® is not only devoted to sustainability issues, but also constantly striving for innovation. The company's aim is to create high-quality body care products “Made in Germany“ which offer innovative solutions in the area of personal care.

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