Solid hand creams

Vegan and certified natural cosmetics

Nature instead of synthetics

Niyok® believes in the effect of natural ingredients

Niyok® – 100% Natural Cosmetics

The German natural cosmetics brand Niyok® was founded in Berlin by Carlo Hanuszkiewicz and John Peitschner and its innovative and increasingly plastic-free products have complemented our range since 2018. As one of the most important players in the European natural cosmetics industry, Niyok® develops solid soap, shampoo, shower and facial cleansing products, aluminium-free deodorants, toothpastes and toothbrushes as well as mouth oils and mouthwashes.

Make your bathroom a plastic-free zone!

Niyok®'s latest product lines – aluminium-free deodorants and solid shampoo, shower & face wash bars – define what the brand’s mission is all about. Ultimately, Niyok® wants to cut down the amount of plastic we all use every day in order to reduce the damage to our oceans and climate. The company’s aim is to make the toiletries in your bathroom completely plastic-free. And all of this, of course, while still delivering the highest quality “Made in Germany”.

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